TURUK Company is a distributor of ÖzçeliklerHidrolikLtd.Şti., A leader in the design and manufacture of industrial hydraulic cylinders with 35 years of experience.

TURUK Company is authorized to enter into agreements and supply original and non-original spare parts for an extensive range of special equipment manufactured by ÖzçeliklerHidrolikLtd.Şti. in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan.

ÖzçeliklerHidrolikLtd.Şti., Produces hydraulic cylinders for equipment of such brands: BELAZ, KOMATSU, CATERPILLAR, JCB, HITACHI, VOLVO, KAWASAKI, TEREX, CAT, DOOSAN, TAMROCK, TADANO, GROVE, KATEN, POWER, etc. The range of spare parts and accessories is as follows:
– industrial hydraulic cylinders of single and double-acting;
– hydraulic cylinders for hydropower projects in the energy sector;
– sleeves that comply with ISO 6020/1 ISO 6020/2 ISO 6022;
– telescopic hydraulic cylinders of single and double-acting;
– hydraulic cylinders and spare parts used for heavy equipment and special equipment;
– manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders to order according to customer drawings with a piston diameter of 32-700 mm and a piston stroke length of 11,000 mm;
– overhaul and maintenance of hydraulic cylinders of special equipment and heavy machinery;
– creation of hydraulic cylinders for operating conditions of coal mines and coal mines (dangerous conditions for gas and dust).

The quality of the products is confirmed both by the introduction of the ISO 9001: 2008 system at ÖzçeliklerHidrolikLtd.Şti. Enterprises, and by the choice of ÖzçeliklerHidrolikLtd.Şti. Products, various manufacturers of heavy technological equipment.

It is worth noting separately the possibility of production and repair of hydraulic cylinders for heavy equipment, which is operated at large mining enterprises, which include:
– excavators with a bucket volume of 5 m3 or more (hydraulic cylinders: bucket, boom, stick, etc.)
– dump trucks with a carrying capacity of 90 tons or more (hydraulic cylinders: suspension, tipping mechanism, turning, etc.)
– loaders with a bucket volume of 5 m3 or more (hydraulic cylinders: turning the platform, lifting the bucket, boom, etc.)
– Cranes of large and extra-large lifting capacity.
In 2017-18, deliveries for mining equipment at mining enterprises of Ukraine were made and are being carried out:
– Poltava Mining and Processing Plant. Hydraulic cylinders delivered to:
HITACHI EX 3600 excavator (handle, boom, bucket opening hydraulic cylinders);
HITACHI EH3500 mining dump truck (front and rear suspension hydraulic cylinders, tipping mechanism hydraulic cylinder):
TEREX340 excavator (boom hydraulic cylinder).
– ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih. Hydraulic cylinders delivered to:
TEREX170 excavator (hydraulic cylinder of the handle, boom, bucket turning);
CAT785C dump truck (rear suspension hydraulic cylinders, tipping mechanism hydraulic cylinder);
loader САТ992 (hydraulic cylinders for bucket turn-over, boom lifting, platform turning).

Also, TURUK Company has the opportunity to supply telescopic hydraulic cylinders manufactured by the Turkish company ÖzçeliklerHidrolikLtd.Şti. To any types of semi-trailers and dump trucks of various lengths. Having our own design bureau, we are ready to carry out development and manufacture according to individual customer specifications, as telescopic hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic systems.

Hydrotip brand telescopic cylinders are certified in Germany and meet European standards. A warranty is provided from the manufacturer for a period of 12 months or 24,000 duty cycles. The Hydrotip trademark on the Ukrainian market for more than 2 years and the sales volume of telescopic hydraulic cylinders of more than 1000 pieces have established themselves as reliable and easy to maintain. Available are models capable of operating at a temperature of – 50 ° C.